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Telstra: Start of Day – End of Day

Start of Day – End of Day – Section 12 of the 2015-2018 Telstra EBA
What are your legal requirements resulting from the current Telstra EBA if you are automatically dispatched?For many years, the EBA legal issue of the “unpaid” half hour “give”... Read more

Member Bulletin – New Vic TS Secretary

I write to notify you of changes in the Victorian (T&S) Branch. John Ellery, former Branch Secretary and myself, Sue Riley, former Assistant Branch secretary and Industrial officer, have changed roles.The Victorian (T&S) Branch Committee of Management has appointed me, Sue Riley, to the position of Vic T&S Branch Secretary upon resignation of John Ellery.The...
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Telstra Bulletin Promise Dispatch Application

The implementation of the “PROMISE” application for dispatch of Telstra (and sub-contractor defacto Telstra employees) continues to be of concern to the Union. Indications at present are that it is still in a “trial” phase, however, given a number of emails being circulated from Telstra managers, the rollout is imminent (ie end of January 2018)....
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ESTA Admin Office Support BANS Notification/Members Meeting

NOTIFICATION OF BANS/ MEMBERS MEETING Dear Members, Please be advised that the following bans will commence as at Wednesday 13thDecember at 9am:6.     End of Pay and End of Month reporting to be delayed by one day.7.     Ban on working any additional hours above 38 in a week.The following bans will commence as at Thursday 14th...
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